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  1. Time-based fees. The hourly rate will be advised on receipt of details of the dispute.

  2. Travelling Time/Costs. No separate or additional charge is made for mileage costs, as travelling time will be charged as part of the time engaged on the Appointment at 50% of the hourly rate.

  3. Disbursements. Disbursements such as hotel accommodation and meals, and room hire for meetings, will be re-charged at cost.

  4. Advance Payments. Advance Payments to cover the minimum fee will be required before commencement of an assignment.

  5. Interim Payments. Interim payments may be required during the course of an assignment to cover work already carried out in excess of the minimum fee, or to be undertaken within a short period of time.

  6. Payment Dates. All payments are to be made within 14 days of submission of the appropriate invoice or request for payment.

  7. Cancellation Fees for time set aside for attendance at meetings or Hearings and preparation of Reports will be on the following basis:-

    For cancellation less than 4 weeks but more than 1 week before the due date 25% of time set aside.

    For cancellation within 1 week of the due date 50% of time set aside.

  8. Support Services. Secretarial services will be charged at 20.00 per hour, and other support services (such as accounts staff undertaking analysis work) at an appropriate hourly fee commensurate with the level of skills required.


Separate schedules of Terms and Conditions are available for Arbitration and Mediation appointments.





With over 25 years experience in dispute resolution, I am able to offer arbitration, expert determination, mediation and expert witness services based on more than 35 years in general accountancy practice.

A list of appointments and enquiries is attached.



Jeffrey C. Rosenthal


During the past 25 years I have been extensively involved in dispute resolution work, acting as an arbitrator and expert witness, and as a mediator. This work has been as much of a legal nature as accountancy, and I have increased my knowledge of partnership, contract and consumer law, as well as maintaining my professional knowledge in accountancy and related financial matters.

My background as the principal of my own accountancy practice, understanding of business and consumer issues, sprinkled with a good measure of common sense, has been of considerable value in dealing with a wide range of problems.

My earlier work as a practising accountant and consultant covered a wide range of business activities and trade association work, as well the usual functions associated with accounting practices in the Small to Medium sized Enterprise field (SME's). I held an Insolvency Licence until the end of 1998, and was a Registered Auditor until 1999.

My consultancy activities included the independent valuation of businesses; advising on business mergers and break up; preparing prospectuses and negotiating the sale of businesses; advising vendors on the sales of minority interests; advising the purchasers in a management buy out; a substantial individual voluntary arrangement; negotiating finance facilities for numerous clients; assisting clients in resolving a wide range of disputes.

After becoming a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 1984, I was admitted to the Register of Experienced Arbitrators in 1998. I am now a CIArb tutor and examiner, and a panel member of the Business Arbitration Scheme.

My commercial Arbitration and Expert Determination appointments over many years include a wide range of partnership dissolution disputes for various professional and trading activities; a variety of contractual disputes; business sale and purchase consideration; investment advice and mortgage and finance agreement disputes. I am a member of the Dispute Resolutions Panels of ACCA and ICAEW. I determine costs when required.

I was admitted as a practising Member of The Academy of Experts in August 1994. Expert Witness appointments include reports for claimants in loss of profit disputes; partnership disputes; business and share valuations; professional negligence and negligent investment advice claims. I have also acted as a Single Joint Expert.

I became a Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) accredited mediator in 2000, and am now a member of the mediation and arbitration panels of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. I have undertaken a considerable number of commercial and consumer mediation appointments. 9 of the last 10 have been successful.



My charging rate for dispute resolution appointments varies according to the nature and size of the dispute. My Terms and Conditions for appointments are shown on the back page. Separate schedules of Terms and Conditions are available for Arbitration and Mediation appointments.

Arbitration Terms & Conditions - please click here.

pdf Arbitration Appointment Form - please click here.

ADR and Mediation Guide - please click here.

pdf Mediation agreement - please click here.




ARB = Arbitration ED = Expert Determination ER = Expert Report SJE = Single Joint Expert MED = Mediator CON = Consultancy


ER IT Consultant Valuation £80,000
ARB Faulty Motor Cycle. £15,000
ER Farm Probate Dispute. £80,000
ARB CIArb Arbitration Panel Membership Renewed
ARB Partnership / Probate Value £170,000
ARB Costs Determination £220,000
ARB Solicitors Partnership Dissolution £5m
ER Valuation of Minority Shareholding £200,000
CON Appointed to CIArb Approved Faculty List
MED Partnership Dispute.- Commodities.£130,00
MED Post Office Rent. £11,500.
ARB Costs Assessment. £80,000.
ER Valuation of Minority Shareholding. £50,000.
ER Accountants Professional Negligence.
MED Building Conversion Work. £13,000.
ER Valuation of Two Linked Limited Companies.
ARB Vehicle Repairs. £50,000.
MED Unpaid Business Services. £23,000
MED Partnership Contract Dispute. £21,000
ER Business Valuation, Groundworks Company.
MED Eviction of Estate Tenant.
ER Valuation, Vehicle Accessories Manufacturer £800,000
MED New Construction Contract Nomination.
MED Insolvency Practice Partnership Dispute. £6,000.
ER Valuation of Solicitors Practice. £330,000.
ARB Water Industry Act. Loss of Profits. £25,000.
ED Accountancy Practice Purchase. £8,000.
ER Report on Management Buy Out.
ARB Medical Practice Partnership.
ER Business Purchase Completion Accounts. £660,000.
MED Property Trust Dispute. £200,000.
MED Financial Contract Introduction Fee. €125,000.
ER Accountancy Practice Shareholding. £200,000.
ER Calculation of property value. £912,000.
ARB Advice on New Tenancy Deposit Dispute Scheme
ER Sale of Minority Shares. £750,000.
MED/ARB Property Renovation Dispute. £88,000.00.
MED Financial Dispute. Under £100,000.
ED Shareholder Dispute £80,000.
MED Partnership Dispute. Holiday Homes. £200.000.
ER Company Dissolution Accounts, Importers. £50,000.
MED Property Dispute. Former Domestic Partners. €165,000.
MED/ARB Three party shareholder dispute. £70,000.
  CIArb Examiner in Arbitration Law
MED Workplace Dispute.
ARB Misleading Investment Advice. £40,000.
MED Farm Boundary Dispute.
ED Valuation of Minority Shareholding. £25,000.
ED Shareholder Dispute Pub / Restaurant Group. £Confidential.
MED Shareholders Dispute. £2million.


Hamilton Office Park
31 High View Close Leicester LE4 9LJ
Tel: 0116 241 4316
Fax: 0870 762 1639
Mobile : 07850 359 580